Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dog's Dying Crying

From last year july, I heard the news there's a county launched dog slaughtering, they did it just only because the rabies let some people dead! But just heard, until today.

Why dog bites? if you do not show your animus to a dog, if you do not attack a dog, dare it bite you? No! Those hydrophobic dogs already died or sent to animal salvation station because of they might hurt people. The rest dogs they are smart, even if a human kind, will not attack a bigger animal, dare you attack a elephant or lion? Keep self safe is the basic law in nature, whatever a human being or an insect, every creature obey this law.

The government can have another better way to prevent rabies, they can set up better welfare system, let the best friends of human can have a place to live. Or promote people's moral diathesis, why I say moral? Look at the original place where starts dog slaughtering, that's a county where the people's average moral diathesis is quite low, maybe someone out there wants to relieve their discontentment, so they attack dogs. Why the government choose dog slaughtering? If they corrupt a little more, the saved money is absolute enough to build pet welfare system. How can we continuely believe the government's intelligence? Human kind developed millions years, why there are so many people's intelligence is still in a lower level?

Just less than a century before, in the second world war, no one will forget those massacres on human, the racial massacres will be shameful wounds and stay in history forever, nanjing, ukraine, italian massacres, who can remember? In today, there are more massacres in Africa. What's inside human? the evil never ends.

We kill mosquitos because of the yellow fever, We kill birds because of the avian influenza, We kill civets because of SARS, We kill dogs because of rabies, when shall we start to kill human beings because of AIDS/lunacy/hepatitis/etc? Human body can take far more contagious diseases than any other creatures in the world can do. We Kill, Kill, Kill, Until nothing can be killed except ourself.

Last month, I saw a dog, and it scared not because of my look, but of I'm a human! It might just get away from those slaughterman. Today, I saw a dog dying by human's selfish, this dog, looks familiar.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A strange problem in platforms incompatibility

I found a strange problem between .net application and 16bit application(in nt vm), my operating system is Windows XP SP2.

Case 1: I started a 16bit application under a .net application ( I didn't redirect any standard stream), the 16bit application cannot accept any input, neither output anything.
Case 2: Same as above, but I redirected all standard streams, and specify CreateNoWindow in System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo, unfortrunately, this parameter cannot hide the console window. the other problems are all similar to the above.
Case 3:So I used a middle layer between .net and 16bit vm, I created a process cmd.exe in a .net application with all standard stream redirected, and under the cmd.exe, I started a 16bit sub process, another problem occured, all standard streams are all correct, but the 16bit sub process take down the whole CPU usage.

Maybe this is another evidence about the .net platform is a really *platform* and *environment*. #-_-

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm back

The optical cables in the sea ground have broken due to the earth quake in taiwan. These time I cannot access #- -
And a interesting stuff is that the day the quake happened, is the birthday of the leader of new China. We made a joke Chairman Mao attacked Taiwan for they forgot who they are and who they were.
A teacher asked me to live in lab, I'm not interesting, it wont be too long we will get holidays, and in this week I'll move my computer from dormity to home.

I feel my english expression ability lost too much :(