Monday, October 30, 2006

A Big Progress

A stupid mistake disturbed me for many days!!! Damn.
When I was trying to drawing a mesh, I've assigned a right transformation matrix, but I've forgot to restore that to the original one, that causes smaller mesh become smaller, further mesh become further #- -

Now the next step is make it support texture, and support cG interface.

What I've done for this:
  1. Flexible, extensible architecture (more percisely should be called as a framework)
  2. Full featured customed Mesh Model (.x Mesh loading, .lcbm Mesh Loading, and .lcbm persistent, .x text mesh persistent), 6000 faster than DirectX's built-in .x mesh loader
  3. Full featured camera controller
  4. DirectX UI RAD Designer (Design a DXUI is as easy as you can do in VS.NET's RAD mode)

And i've forgot to say what it is, I'm planning to use this demo, a Virtual Classroom to request another big project, Virtual School, haha, that will be pretty cool!!!

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